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Argus University "The Global Institute for Security and Special Studies" is the premier training organization dedicated to supporting the academic and practical training needs of global warriors protecting freedom and democracy worldwide.  We offer a host of courses designed to excel the skills already developed through prior training.  Our motto "Where lambs become Lions" is a metaphor describing the elevated state of combat readiness warfighters, law enforcement and specialized security students will experience.


Better Training through Better Instruction…

Richard Bradford, Adjunct Instructor  - Tactical

Over 20 years as Senior Instructor for the Central Intelligence Agency and former 18-series team member United States Army Special Forces.


Argus University launches new “beta” website  

In a move to harness the power of social media, Argus University has launched our latest website to enhance the user engagement...

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Agency vs. Agency “Shoot Off”

When:  December 5, 2013

Where:  Okeechobee Shooting               Facility,  Florida

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